Swampscott Says YES...

This Fall, Swampscott voters will have the opportunity to replace our aging elementary schools with 21st century twin schools for ALL of our kids.

Thank you Swampscott for saying YES on  Tuesday, October 19, 2021 !!

The YES vote passed with 65% of the vote.

Click here for the results.

We are still accepting donations to cover the cost of signs and mailings.


The plan to build twin elementary schools (K-2 and 3-4) in a shared building at the Stanley School site gives every elementary student and teacher a safe, modern, educationally appropriate space NOW and follows 5+ years of consultation with residents, educators, engineers and planners, led by the Swampscott School Building Committee

This project has been endorsed by the Swampscott Teachers in a statement highlighting the improved learning conditions, equity of services, and  basic accessibility & safety the new school will provide.

The Swampscott Finance Committee also supports the proposed school as a sound investment at the right time for our town.

Let's give ALL Swampscott students a modern, safe, energy efficient and educationally appropriate school!

Humans of Swampscott...