He was a NO in 2014, but is a GO in 2021 ! Hear what this lifelong resident has to say about why he is voting YES for this new elementary school.

….Hi. My name is Scott Burke. I am a lifelong resident of Swampscott and was a student at Hadley School way back when it was grades K through 6. My 3 children all attended Stanley Elementary School.

I was a leader of the opposition to the 2014 elementary school proposal, BUT I STRONGLY SUPPORT the current elementary school proposal. THIS is NOT the 2014 project.

In 2014, I was against the use of the “bowl” behind SMS for an elementary school because that site will someday be needed for a new SMS. It pained me to vote “no.”

This time I got involved and volunteered for the Swampscott School Building Committee and I have spent hundreds of hours listening and learning about the current proposal. I have no doubt the current proposed school building containing two schools (both an upper and lower elementary school) at the Stanley site is the best solution for Swampscott. It meets our educational goals, creates long term financial stability, and positively impacts EVERY child in Swampscott immediately – not just those in one part of our Town.

A “NO” vote is kicking the can down the road – a mistake my hometown has made far too often.

Please join me in VOTING YES for the new elementary school for ALL of Swampscott’s children.