Claire and Henry Dembowski are saying YES to the proposal for the new elementary school!! Claire knows real estate. Henry knows education. Together they know that the new school will help both real estate values and education thrive in Swampscott. Read what they think…

We have been Swampscott residents for 49 years and Town Meeting members for over 25 years. Our two sons went through the Swampscott school system.Claire: As a Realtor in the Swampscott area for 43 years, I know how much “fine schools” factor into buyer decision making. After years of our depleting school structures, building this school will increase our appeal and validate this town’s commitment to do the right thing for our young people.

This long-overdue, well-studied solution will provide equal town-wide education that our students deserve.Henry: What are we waiting for? Why is Marblehead always a step ahead of us? How many more generations of our students will attend school in inferior facilities? I think it is time to “bite the bullet”.

In my lifelong career as elementary school teacher, primary school principal, superintendent, Swampscott school committee member, and educational consultant, it’s clear that small class size is more important than school size. I see this proposal as two small schools with shared common core facilities designed to reach students of all abilities with small classrooms in each pod to accommodate all learning styles. Academic and economic goals are achieved with efficient use of specialty teachers and shared facilities.

Join us in supporting the new elementary school for ALL of our children.

-Claire and Henry Dembowski – Swampscott